IFTTT – The Tool To Automate The Web Application Task

Use of Automation IFTTT

Did you know the meaning of IFTTT?

Connected devices with IFTTT
Use of Automation using IFTTT

IFTTT – means if this than that. IFTTT is the web-based service to create the chains
of simple conditional statements Generally called it as applets. The applets generally
triggered by changes that occur within other web services such as Gmail, Facebook,
Telegram, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Did this tool really help us in the Automation
of Web application Task?

Yes, this is the tool which can help you to automate the process such as an applet may
send an e-mail message if the user tweets using a hashtag, or copy a photo on Facebook
to a user’s archive if someone tags a user in a photo.

Which type of task I can automate using this Tool?

You can accomplish a lot of tasks using this tool.

Here, I will explain some example where we can apply automation to complete our task
with ease.

Let’s take an example that if you are the one who regularly posts something on both
facebook page and also in the telegram group.
So, You like something like a tool if you can post at one place say in the facebook group
and it will automatically be posted in the telegram group or channel too. Right?

So, The Tool is IFTTT. Now you just have to learn how to use it for achieving your task.
This tool helps you to post in telegram group if you just posted on the facebook. This is
what we said as automate the process. This tool not only helps you about posting only
limited to telegram but using this tool you can also post on Twitter, Pinterest, Send Mail,
Post on Tumblr, Save in Evernote, post to Instagram, And there is a lot of things you can
use it for. this is the worthy and free tool for automating the process of posting and
achieve multitasking with ease of process.

The tool is run when something triggers it.

IFTTT is the tool or says the free web-based application for automating the process of
achieving some task if something it is triggered by some other factor. Here in this post I
just write about IFTTT and its application. Where you can use it. Because if I explain
everything then this post is going so much large and even might happen that even you,
Do not like to read it.

IFTTT can automate web-application tasks, such as posting the same content on
several social networks. Marketing professionals can use IFTTT to track mentions of
companies in RSS feeds. IFTTT also is used in home automation, for instance switching
on a light when detecting motion in a room (with associated compliant devices).

More about the IFTTT

With 11 million users running more than a billion applets a month, IFTTT is on track
to become a service that connects pretty much everything — though some users say it
wants some improvements. As its response time is also great but sometimes it may take
some time to run the applet for completing the task. Nowadays it is doing a lot of work
with ease and providing seamless services to the users.

What is the thing The Company Actually Provides?

The company provides a web software platform that connects the devices, apps and
services provided by different developers, firms in order to trigger one or more
automation involving those apps, devices, and services.

Some of the Facts you would like to Know About IFTTT

  • IFTTT has around 11 million users on their platform.
  • They provide more than 550 service integration.
  • Using the services more than 54 million applets created.
  • Using the services more than 1 billion applets run every month.

So, What are you waiting for? Make your account in IFTTT and start exploring the services
provided them and see how can it will be helpful to you for automating the process of some
of your work.

Visit the website of IFTTT and explore how and what you can do with IFTTT?

And also keep visiting our website for such posts. In future, we are posting more about IFTTT.


Hope you like our post. It may be helpful to you for automating some of the services from your
daily work.

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