Mother – માં તે માં બીજા વગડાના વા – Mother – Gujarati Quote

Maa Te Maa Bija Vagada Naa Vaa

Unconditional Love of Mother

Mothers (Unconditional Love from Mother for her children) love towards her child was unconditional.

All mothers are always ready to sacrifices anything for her child. She never expects anything in return of her unconditional love.

She will help you in any situation.

In Gujarati, there is a Proverb – ( માં તે માં બીજા વગડાના વા ) – Maa Te Maa Bija Vagada Na Vaa. 


Maa Te Maa Bija Vagada Naa Vaa - Mother Quote
Maa Te Maa Bija Vagada Naa Vaa – Gujarati                           Quotes about mother


This proverb truly describes the unconditional love, sacrifices done by her for her children.

The meaning of the proverb is as we can not just compare the love of the mother with anybody’s love.

Her love is the one which helps many of their children to go ahead in the world and win the world.

The Gujarati Proverb ( માં તે માં બીજા વગડાના વા ) | Maa Te Maa Bija Vagadaa Naa Vaa ( Gujarati Quote )

Describes all the love from other people are fading away when it comes to the unconditional love of the mothers.

Mothers love that much pure that you just cannot express it in few words but I want to say You cannot even express even in the words itself.

Did you remember when did your mother you for something, And remember about you asked her for something, I can say that you can not just remember the moment when your mother asks you for something?

What do you think What thing did Mothers prays to god for?

If she prays the god then ask her what did she ask from gods? She always wanted your wellness and the good life for you is her reply. Her happy soul always wanted you to smile.

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She never wants you to cry and wants you to Climb the Ladder in every portion of life with no expectation for something in return 

So, can you answer this?

Did you know when anyone is happy for you and wants you to do something great there is some motto of them behind your success?

He/She wants something in return from you. But Maa is different from all others she never wanted something in return.

Wants you to achieve happiness in your life.

She smiles and seems to be happy when you are a happy and successful person in your life and you keep smiling,

achieving new goals in life.

The Role of Mother Associated with motherhood in social life are varied across time, culture and social class

Historically in many cultures, the role of Women are confined to as she has to spend their lives taking care of home, being a mother

and wife. She almost has to dedicate her time to fulfil this role’s requirement like taking care of home. In many cultures, even women get helps form her mother in law and her own mother for fulfilling this tasks.

The social role and experience of the motherhood almost vary mostly depends upon the location or inhabitant.

So, One of the most meaningful roles that a mother plays is the role of nurturer. When a mother nurtured her children with great joy and

love, So, the feeling of love and goodness are raised in her children’s heart. She always teaches her children to keep faith in God,

Keep loving people, Do not lie, Keep truth in the heart, Do not heart people intentionally, Do not harm anybody for bad, Be successful by hard-working, do not cheat people for bad, and many things she teaches in life. So, That we live our life proudly, Without harming others.

So, In Gujarati, there is Proverb ( માં તે માં બીજા વગડાના વા ) | Maa Te Maa Bija Vagadaa Naa Vaa ( Gujarati Quote ) which describes the unconditional love towards her children.

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